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After a particularly stressful day, Amy publicly quits the PTA in response to Gwendolyn’s overzealous bake sale plans. At a nearby bar, Amy meets Carla (Kathryn Hahn), a laid back, sexually-active single mom, and Kiki (Kristen Bell), a stay-at-home mom of four who admires Amy’s dissent from Gwendolyn. Amy and Carla are also irritated to discover that Kiki’s husband is domineering and expects her to take care of all the kids and the house with no assistance whatsoever, while Amy and Kiki are disturbed at Carla’s very hands-off approach to parenting.

The trio embark on an all-night bender that inspires Amy to loosen up with her kids: she takes them for rides in Mike’s classic car, gets them lunch from Arby’s, takes days off work. She also forces Dylan to fend for himself to prevent him from being lazy and entitled, and takes the overachieving and constantly stressed Jane for a spa day.

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