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Think Like a Man Too

Think Like a Man Too has big shoes to fill. Its predecessor, Think Like a Man, was a box office success and fan favorite. The sequel maintains what made the first film a hit, but a few unnecessary additions keep it from greatness. The Players: Director: Tim Story Screenwriters: Keith Merryman, David A. Newman, Steve Harvey (story) Cast: Kevin Hart, […]

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Edge of Tomorrow Review

When any movie-goer first takes a glance at the latest Tom Cruise film Edge of Tomorrow, it appears to be another ho-drum sci-fi action story that may easily get washed away in the sea of high budget movies out this year. What audiences won’t expect is a surprisingly thrilling, and at times comical, sci-fi movie that is yet another fine […]

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Reviewing Ebert’s ‘Greatest Ebert’: Pixote (1980)

  In the vein of social realism perpetuated by the neo-realists but if a documentary-like immediacy, with Pixote Argentine director Hector Babenco takes us deep into the bowels of an urban jungle in Sao Paolo, Brazil during the 1970′s.  It focuses in children characters plagued by a life in crime, and deserves a place at the top of any best movie list, […]

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